About us

Who Are We?

Holding the patent for BIOMAXX energy supplement, Dr Nyangenya “Joe” Maniga is the founder and developer of this revolutionary formula. With three decades of experience in formulating and manufacturing natural ingredient supplements, personal care products and cosmetics; Dr. Maniga is an organic chemist (PhD). Founder of several companies, Life-Flo, Nutraceutical Labs and Allvia, all which were acquired by Nutraceutical International Corporation.

In 2012, after having experienced yet again another early afternoon slump, Dr Maniga started researching and experimenting with a resolve for the sluggishness with a solution that did not incorporate caffeine nor sugar. Through his study of energy physiology, he determined which nutrients enabled the body to produce more energy by enhanced efficiency of the Krebs cycle.

With this discovery, he created the formula called BIOMAXX which is a perfect combination of nutrients that feed the mitochondria in an "Energy Concentrate".  Through this discovery, he enhanced his daily performance by the physical and mental energy need to optimize his exercise workouts providing prolonged duration, increased intensity and faster recovery. He found the conclusively he needed from others which allowed him to receive the patent for BIOMAXX in 2014.  

Dr. Maniga manufactures BIOMAXX Energy supplements in his own FDA Registered facility. Specialty Formulations and Manufacturing located in Phoenix, Arizona manufactured and array of products just as BIOMAXX.